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10:35am 09/09/2007
mood: ecstatic
Omg yes ^^

David Usher is coming back to Van!!! It had been two years last time and this is only a few months ^^

I'm sooo excited XD tickets are only $26! yes!

fuck yeah!!

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04:49pm 21/08/2007
mood: sore
I want to eat so badly, i'm tired of soup >>

I can't eat solid food yet, it's driving me nuts O_o;

Everyone keeps making my favorite foods... lol i think my mom is tyring to torture me for getting more piercings XD

The swelling went down a lot though which is good ^^

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01:47pm 28/07/2007
  Even though i haven't been on LJ in like a million years >>

Yesterday was fun ^^

I'm excited to write everyone! XP

I just woke up from sleeping like 6 hours after being awake for 33 hours >>

Noone shoudl drive with that much lack of sleep XP i ended up driving through a stopsign >> and then i got distracted like so many time xPP

haha I'm in a good mood, and my hurts CD is finally on the way xO

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11:30am 26/02/2007
  Mukku = WIIN XDDD


hahaha omg retarted XD

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Phantasmagoria T.T   
01:06pm 24/02/2007
  I will miss Matoi very much.. the live was good...

I was upset at how unhappy Matoi looked and how he turned his face away from the camra in a few songs..

But at least he was happier by the end...

I will miss them to much...

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08:38am 21/02/2007
  Yay Mukku posted about the presant in his journal and HIna posted about his birthday live XD theat makes me stoked for when we next see them xD

hahah I like that fact you can nsee Kaede:s nipples in his new costume XO




it:s also cool how they mention the encore we tried to call for XDD hahah it was awesome!!

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05:29pm 19/02/2007
  hurts was amazing last night XDD

haha omg i love the show!! the Nagoya fans seem to be the most excited to see them although it seems that there is less of them xDD they were crazy like us.. lol after one of the girls who was sitting down said that hurts fans were scary XDD we rock >:D

but it seems that in this new costume Hina won:t roll around the stage like a little whore xD too bad i liked the rolling!

and hahahahhaha Mukku:s host shoes XD wtf that:s so weird...

although Hina:s started jerking off the mic right in front of his face at every show it seems...>> which umm looks bad when he had it in front of his mouth.. although i mean it was more awkward where he stared at you and did the hand movements at his crotch....

Mukku broke a string and then started laughing like a nut as he franticly tried to fix it, but it couldn:t be fixed or at elast not fast enough and he gave up... So Hina came over and started pulled on the broken string like a leash and danced around, which seemed to amuse Mukku XD it was good stuff...

I stuck my tongue out at Kaede and he noticed xD he pointed at me and then grinned and fingered me >:D haha it was good!

I was happy they played negitive XD

Hina made Me and Krystal headhbagnd in his crtoch lol and he tried to get us to come even closer XDD We where like whipping his thighs with our hair! XDD and he was giggling XD

and i managed to get another drumstick!! YAY i have two sets from Kaede now *~*

i feel bruised and happy XD it was a good live.. i can:t wait for saturday when we see them again!

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Okay O_O   
06:05am 13/02/2007
  I'm going now... be back on the 28th XO well actually probably not on that day >_> or the next because my boss wants me to work the next and i don't know how awake i'll be or if i'll like die of jetlag...

I may have a computer some of the days... so if there is like life or death *idoubtit* just leave a message~

I hope everyone has fun while i'm away XO

>_> I want to go back to sleep >_>;;;

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Ahhhh Matoi T____T   
01:46pm 08/02/2007
  Gah too cute ;_;

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Matoi really is the best T_TCollapse )

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09:29am 31/01/2007
mood: cheerful
He makes me die a little on the inside XDDD

I swear i am so excited to see them again ^O^ What a bunch of losers <33

Oh Hina XDD Head adhe XDD


they are going to kill me with laughter XDD

wtf Mukku lolCollapse )

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08:59am 26/01/2007
  My boss made me work an extra day, i feel so burn out >_<

I havn't gotten two days off in a row for three weeks now ;_; I swear i'm going to die!

Although yaaayayyayayayyy Kaede posted in his journal ^^

He's doing the thumbs up, like Matoi does *whimpers* I swear i'm liking hurts way to much

he's with the drummer boy of Bergerac...

But yay picture XD

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02:07pm 19/01/2007
mood: frustrated
Latly i have been getting really bad chest pains... It's been happening every day now and it aches so much...

I got sleep last night for the first time in what feels like forever, but i have two days off to run around.

This morning i hurt so much that i didn't want to get up, but i don't want to go to the doctors...

>_< oh well maybe after japan if it still hurts.

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03:22am 28/12/2006
  I'm so excited to buy my ticket tomorrow >_< It's sick but i can't wait to go back!!! and see him one last time >_<

Also the other stupid boys like Kaede and Hina XDDD ahaha omg and maybe Naoto if we can go >_<

And hoteellllll XOOOO

Lisa!!! You got my all wiggly inside!!

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OMG gasdjhgfsklj   
07:32am 27/11/2006
mood: shocked
The snow is now OVER 18 inches high T___T Well over my knee >_> so probably around.... 23 inches or so >_>

The power just came on, again... this is the third time it's gone out in two weeks FUCKS >_<

and it always stays off for over 7 hours... this is not something of happy...

I'm going to drown in snow O_o I may be staying at my brothers when work come around...

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03:29am 09/11/2006
mood: sick
I'm changing my layout/other things...

But this computer had a lack of any grapic's so i want to make sure it work with outher ones.. so please ignore it if there is doom XP


but it's Matoi at least XDDD <3 and it's closer then anything else

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08:05pm 15/10/2006
  ahahah >_> My computer actually can't handle running LJ so... I'm going to take over my Dad's and get that comm up and running <3

I feel like i'm falling out of love with Matoi.. but at the same time not.. i'm feeling crappy..

I still have a fondness for that sweet little face, but i'm guessing it's just because i'm not raelly liking being back O_o

I hope so.. Matoi = My life...

I need a job before i go insane from sitting in my house every day doing nothing >_< FUUUCCCK I wanna be in japan..

Although i'm probably just upset because someone came into our yard and shot my deer.. yeah shot it..

I hate people >_<

Matoi wouldn't shoot a deer... T__T He's to wonderful for that...

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08:52pm 21/09/2006
  >_> I never want to come back....

this is home now...


and host land... I love host land...

And the Holiday Shinjuku... that's also my home...


Someone mail me real pizza with you know a crust.. and maybe pineapples and a dip for the crust.. and Chocolate milk <3 it's bad here... really really bad.

yes i am still alive XD It's not very hard to live here...

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09:17pm 11/08/2006
  gaghhhaha I got the DVD in the mail finally >_> I swear the US border hates me XO

But gaah hit's so amazing i'm all spaz happy now and i can't do anything except smile and be like XDDDD

Riku is so hot it's not even cool anymore!!

And Matoi is still the coolist boy in the band *_*

he always will be!

Yes this is a random useless happy post because Phantasmagoria is still hte best band ever <3 <3<3<3

and Kami Uta Twice XDD that's like the best thing ever!!! the last one is so better because it has this part where RIku goes to try and kiss Kisaki and Kisaki totally dishes him XDDD I laughed at Riku and it made me even more happy XD

I have to go back to workk...

AND ANDAND ADN !! Jun has a fucking BEE on his pick!! best thing ever baby!!!

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01:03pm 31/07/2006
mood: exhausted

I'm bored, and i'm never on here anymore~

I hope everyone has been doing well!

I have been working overtime doom T_T soooo.... yeah

I'll probably post something in here that maybe important, before i go to japan... But strangly enough i doubt that.

Shatty what is your mailing address i have like two addressed here and i don't know what one to use! O_O

I'll probably have to comment if your journal for you to get that message though >_>

any way i can' stya on, talk to you guys later!

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08:49pm 29/06/2006
mood: tired
This really won't matter to anyone that doesn't talk to me on MSN, but of right now i don't have a computer that will work with it since the one i normally use is forever gone~

I don't check my email so much anymore so i pretty much don't get comments or anything for like a week~ Sometimes i'll check at work.. but not often. But if you need to talk to me probably commenting or emailing me is the way to go~ Even if it takes a bit i still need to be it!

I'll probably zerofill my harddrive and then put a new motherboard in and see if i'll be able to get my own computer up and running... but that won't probably happen for a while~

Plus i would have to reinstall the drivers for my cd burner since it's not working O_o;

And i have to take all my P0RN off that computer before I wipe it out.. So i'll probably have to hook it up to another one on a peer to peer network, blah!

Oh man i need a new job i keep saying i'm going to quit but i'm afrid i won't get another job in time and then the japan won't happen *sigh* or at least concert in japan won't happen XPP

I'm not really on LJeither so if you posted something i doubt i'll see it.. I try to check like once a week bit if i miss a day i have like 150 missed posts.. soo.. yeah i dont' always check ti all! so sorry >>;

But butbutbut! We are getting scaner again so yay! xD I'm excited! I like scans XO

I donno I need to pimp comm but i'm burnt by the time i get home and finish my second job so i don't even think that wil happen for a bit O_O Which i want it to because i don't want it to be dead and stuff~

I have really likeing Girugamesh lately.. I mean i always liked them enough but I donno they make me raelly happy after work ^_^

Plus they look fun live XO

And yeah.. They just rock a lot..

Also for SHATTY!! I need a number or something i can comtact you at since i really need to speak to you about trip..

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